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Creating the 「ideal home」 with an architect who shares your values


Together with architects who share our values
Create your ideal home

ASJ Studio provides full support for building a house with an architect who belongs to Architects Studio Japan (ASJ), one of the largest architect networks in Japan. We provide full support for the entire house-building process, including the introduction of architects, budget planning, land search, presentation of rough estimates based on architects’ plans, construction schedule, design contract, construction contract, arrangement of groundbreaking ceremony, start of construction, delivery, and follow-up services. We are accredited as an ASJ Sainokuni Studio, the studio responsible for Saitama Prefecture. Please visit our official website to see our past works and registered architects.


What does it mean to create the perfect home?


A conversation with a professional architect will help you to find the best solution for your ideal home.

A house that suits your life, a house that you want to live in now, a house that you want to spend time in. These thoughts are the first step in creating your ideal home. However, even if you think you have an idea of what you want, the details may not be as clear as you think. In the same way that talking to someone you trust can help you to clarify your vague ideas, talking to a professional architect who matches your values will help you to find the best solution for your ideal home.


Careful planning in advance is necessary to ensure that the design does not deviate from the finished product or budget

If you are looking to build a custom home, you will have a wide range of requirements, but with a limited budget, you will need to prioritise so that you do not neglect the most important aspects. If you have the time and the budget, you can work closely with your architect to ensure that you get an original building. If you want to proceed quickly, you can choose from a selection of masterpieces that have already been created and customize them as necessary. The important thing is that you proceed in a satisfactory pattern and get a building that you are happy with.


For a successful "home with an architect", it is essential to find an architectural company that can support you throughout the entire process of building your home.

Even if the architect’s design (design, ideas, thoughts) is excellent, if the construction team’s skills, site management, and cost control abilities are poor, a satisfactory “work of art” will not be realized. The success of “building a house with an architect” can only be achieved if there is a good building company that can provide full support for the entire process of building a house, including budget planning, finding land, providing a rough estimate based on the architect’s plan, construction schedule, design contract, construction contract, arrangement of groundbreaking ceremony, start of construction, delivery, and after-sales maintenance.


What we can do for you
ASJ SAI-no-KUNI Studio


We will help you to find the architect of your dreams from a list of 3000 professionals

Architects Studio Japan (ASJ) is one of the largest networks of architects in Japan, with approximately 3,000 registered members. ASJ provides a service where you can meet with architects to discuss plans, costs, compatibility, etc., and take your time in creating a building. As Sainokuni Studio, ASJ’s contact point in Saitama, we can listen to your requirements, select a few architects and make proposals. If the client nominates an architect, we will also negotiate with that architect.


In order to make the process of building a house with an architect more satisfying, we offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of house building

We offer free seminars and consultation sessions with professional architects in Saitama Prefecture, providing an opportunity for everyone who wants to take on the challenge of building a house with an architect to learn about house building. The exhibition has been held more than 20 times and offers a variety of services, such as: consultations with architects on various architectural issues; a trial plan proposal by an architect; a second opinion by an architect on a plan currently under consideration; and an in-depth study of the practical aspects of house building by an architect. We also offer a range of other services such as “architect seminars” where you can learn more about the practicalities of building a home from an architect.


You, the architect and us, the studio, work together as a team to bring your ideals to life through in-depth planning

The process of choosing an architect for your home starts with selecting your preferred architect from a list of architects registered with ASJ. It is also important to choose an architect with whom you have a good rapport. After gathering and organising your information, the architect will present you with a plan. If you have any concerns about the layout, specifications, cost, etc., please let us know, no matter how small. You can repeat the process as many times as you like until you are satisfied. It is possible to change architects at no extra cost up to the design contract. This process is an important part of the “house building” process.


As an ASJ-accredited construction company, ASJ Sai-no-Kuni Studio provides full support for "building a house with an architect" and beyond.

Not only do we bridge the gap between you and the architect, but we also provide full support throughout the house building process, including budget planning, land search, presentation of rough estimates based on the architect’s plans, presentation of construction schedule, permitting procedures, and construction. Even after the delivery of the completed house, we at ASJ Sainokuni Studio will support you with full after-sales maintenance, from inspections to any kind of consultation.


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Frequently asked questions

How do you choose an architect?

We will listen to your requirements and select a number of architects for you to choose from with our staff. If you choose an architect, we will negotiate with him or her.

Can I choose an architect from any area?

It is possible. The cost of transport is not borne by the client. This is also the case during the planning course and the implementation design. However, please note that some architects have a limited area of activity.

Is it possible to change architects?

Changes can be made at no extra cost up to the design contract (after the design contract is signed, the design fee must be settled). If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, you will not be able to make the most of this system. It is also important to choose an architect with whom you have a good rapport. If you wish to change your mind, all you have to do is to say a few words to the person in charge of the studio.

Can I still apply even if I haven't decided where I want to build?

Of course it is possible. There are many advantages to having an architect as an advisor when deciding on a plot of land, the possibility of simulating financial planning even before the purchase, the possibility of using an architect's imagination and ideas to create unexpected spatial configurations even when the land is not generally welcoming, and the choice of land to purchase. There are many advantages.

Is it possible to cancel my application without building a house? Can I cancel my application without building the house and will I get my application fee back?

You can cancel your application, but you will not receive a refund of your application fee. The experience of meeting with an architect for an indefinite period of time is not normally available for 30,000 yen. It is not a waste of money if you consider that the meetings you have there will be used in the construction of your house. Please note, however, that the architect will retain the rights to any drawings or other materials that are proposed.

I already have a contractor in mind, can I just ask for the design?

We are sorry, but we are not able to offer this service. Because the construction company has been chosen, we are able to offer great benefits to our customers, such as an early understanding of the budget, technical discussions and a return on the budget. Please consider a relationship with us.









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