Located just 30 minutes by train from Tokyo city centre. It’s one of the biggest cities in Japan.


Modern real estate market and infrastructure combined with much lower rent prices and general living costs, Saitama city makes a perfect place to settle in Japan.


You'll Love Saitama City

Here are five reasons why it might be just the right place for you



On of the biggest conveniences of Saitama is its location.

At just about 20 kilometres from central Tokyo, a commute to the Capital usually takes only 30 minutes. This makes it very easy to work, study or just spend your free time in Tokyo, while technically living outside of it’s boundaries.

Saitama has the biggest number of daily commuters to other cities. And if you decide to join this wave, 6 shinkansen bullet-train and 9 local train lines of world most advanced transport system are always at your service.


6 Shinkansen bullet trains, 9 local train lines and many high-speed roads to help your commute.


As part of The Greater Tokyo Area, Saitama city shares with the Capital its tendency of growth and development.


Not only Tokyo

Theme parks, sand beaches, mount peaks, biggest shrines and temples - all within a daytrip distance.



Living in Saitama will simply cost you less money, compared to Tokyo.

1LDK/2K/2DK apartment will cost you about 61,000 JPY on average. The same place will be priced about 121,000 JPY in Tokyo.

Buying an apartment is also about 56% cheaper on average.

Living cost of one person in Saitama is about 25% less than in Tokyo. Food, clothes and even transport expenses turn out to be much less in Saitama.

If money is a big concern for you (as it is for pretty much all of us), than Saitama can be a much easier place to settle it.

Real estate

Whether you buying or renting real estate, it's going to be noticeably cheaper than in Tokyo

Living costs

You can allow yourself to spend more and live better life, thanks to lower living costs in Saitama

Startup heaven

Perfect place for entrepreneurs and ambitious people to realize their ideas and achieve success.


It's modern

In 2011 government designated Saitama City as a special zone to achieve a “livable and vibrant city that continues to grow towards an environmentally-sound future city”.

The city is formally just 20 years old and you can feel this modern approach in it’s infrastructure, with good balance of city environment and green areas, scattered around the city.

Saitama holds No. 1 place of dwellings under construction in Japan. This means that there’s a lot of newly constructed estate and for it’s price goes down pretty quick with time.

Moving around

Saitama has modern and friendly approach to every possible way of transportation.

Paperless life

Saitama has a straightforward id system and most of your visits to the city office can be done online.


Saitama is a promising land for future investments in your education, business and family life.


It's interesting

Yes, Saitama is close to Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba and many more interesting places. But the truth is, you don’t really have to go there. Every possible cuisine, big shopping malls, cinemas, amusement centres, parks, gyms and sport centres, biggest stadiums and live venues, and so much more. In Saitama you will find everything you need to charge yourself with new experiences and positive emotions.

And when you’ve had enough of glossy shopping malls and crazy night life, you can just come back to your nice peaceful living space.


The right combination of narrow streets with shanty-style bars, clubs and huge shiny shopping malls.


With all it's modern appeal, the city is still based on local traditions, with shrines, festivals, food etc.


The key to a good life is good balance between rapid city life and relaxed suburbian comfort.


convenience of a big city
Comfort of a suburb

You can work

Living next to Tokyo doesn’t mean you will have to travel there often. Saitama is a home for over 41000 companies, which makes it easy to find full or part time job close to home.

You can relax

Thousands of shopping malls, amusement centres, cinemas, live venues and countless restaurants and izakayas are going to help you spend your free time to the fullest.

You can live

If you’re looking for piece and quiet place, Saitama won’t disappoint you either. The city has good balance between opportunities of a big city and quiet and comfortable living space.

saitama city
for your future

Despite its proximity to metropolitan Tokyo, there are extensive preserved green areas in the Saitama City’s surroundings, such as the 1,200-hectare Minuma Tanbo rice paddies. Saitama City offers full urban amenities alongside natural surroundings and traditional culture. Saitama City holds informal meetings with foreign residents to discuss problems faced by them. Saitama is continually working to ensure a multicultural symbiotic society in which all residents enjoy living.

It's safe

You are never too far from the sea or mountains, thanks to the magnificent transport system, but you far enough to not worry about floods, tsunamis, mudslides % and earthquakes %


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