埼玉丸山工務所 / Saitama Maruyama Koumusho


Company profile

Company Name





Honda Hiroshi


〒330-0852 Saitama pref. Saitama City Omiya-ku Onari-cho 1-518-2


Saitama Maruyama Koumusho(Construction)(+81) 048-729-8655

Maruyama Mansion Center(Real estate agency)(+81) 048-729-8661

Maruyama Service Center(Property management)(+81) 048-776-9040


(+81) 048-653-9068

Business hours

9:00~18:00 JST


October 20th, 1987


October 1940 Establishment of Maruyama Engineering

January 1955 Maruyama Koumusho (Niigata Head Office) established

August 1976 Maruyama Koumusho (Kanagawa) established

October 1987 Establishment of Saitama Maruyama Koumusho



Business activities

General construction

Building Management

Real estate agency

1st class licensed architect’s office

registrations and licences

Specific construction business (building construction business): Saitama Prefecture Governor’s License (Special-1) No. 51691


General construction business (civil engineering business): Saitama Prefecture Governor’s Permit (Special-1) No. 51691


First-class architect office registration number: Saitama Prefecture governor registration (3) No. 9999


Building lot and building transaction business license number: Saitama Prefecture Governor (8) No. 12970

Management principles

We create homes that are the starting point for life, society and security.

Management policies

To be a company that is loved and needed by the community.

To be a company that is dedicated to its core business of production, management and sales.

To be a company that is not stagnant, but one that is constantly changing and innovating.

To return the results obtained to the State, shareholders, employees and partners.

SDG activities

Environmental: reducing the rate of formwork waste by construction workers

Social: blood drives and local charity events

Economic: increased use of paid annual leave

CSR activities

1-Day Job Hunting Program “College Business Forum” for Saitama University Students

Omiya Chuo Lions Club

Saitama Red Cross Blood Centre 



Take the Tobu Bus bound for “City Heights Mitsuhashi” or “Mitsuhashi Koen” from Tobu Bus Stop No.456 at the West Exit of Omiya Station and get off at “Shokugyo Taisho Iriguchi”.

After getting off the bus, turn right at Matsumotokiyoshi and go straight for 100m. Our office is just opposite the Omiya Public Employment Security Office.


Message from the CEO

Our company, Saitama Maruyama Komusho Co., Ltd. is a “general construction, architectural design, building management and real estate business” company, which originated from Maruyama Komusho (founded in 1940) in Niigata Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Saitama Maruyama Komusho. We are now in our 37th year of business.

I was hired as a construction site supervisor by Maruyama Corporation in Kanagawa Prefecture, and now I am the representative of both companies.

We are based in Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, where Omiya Station is one of Japan’s leading hub stations with high response and potential.

In order to make the best use of your valuable real estate, our company is involved in the whole process from consultation > investigation > planning > design > construction > occupancy management > building management > building operation > follow-up. Sainokuni Mouse is our main product.

Although some of the management and monitoring tasks are carried out by our partner companies, all the important management and supervision is carried out by our employees through the “PDCA” process. All of us are aware of the importance of post-construction and occupancy management.

I and the other members of our team, who are responsible for planning, construction and finance, have spent 20 years in Japan, Europe, the Americas and South-East Asia, learning about the construction and real estate business, technology and materials.

We are the second franchisee of the Yumi Mansions franchise (the first was in Kanagawa), a pioneer in the field of reinforced concrete flats. The brand name of the franchise, Y&M Apartments, is one of our main products. Our employees participate in regular national training courses and seminars on construction and building management.

The know-how we have acquired during our visits and training includes useful insulating building technology, rooftop greening technology, real estate securitisation, PFI/PPP projects, business hotel planning and management consulting, and real estate securitisation to cope with the severe weather conditions in snowy and cold regions.

We also hold regular workshops for managers and the next generation of managers, and actively participate in a variety of community projects.

Our management philosophy is recited by all employees every morning. We aim to be a company that is not only in the business of building construction, building management and real estate, but also in the business of disaster prevention, proposing urban development as the origin of everything, and actively contributing to the local community.

Our company is still in the process of development, but we hope that you will use us as a second and third opinion.

Saitama Maruyama Komusho Co.

Representative Director      Hiroshi Honda


Origin of the corporate logo

Maruyama Corporation, the parent company of Saitama Maruyama Corporation, was founded in 1940 as Maruyama Gumi and participated in the construction of the Sente Power Station of the Japan National Railways, which is now the East Japan Railway Company.


In 1955, when the company was incorporated as Maruyama Corporation, the company’s symbol mark was created using the character for “construction”, which resembles railway rails, as a token of gratitude for the railway work.


Company structure

Planning and Finance Department
This department is responsible for general affairs, accounting, human resources, recruitment, finance, public relations and general affairs, as well as providing backup for other departments.
Real Estate Department
We take care of the owner's valuable flats and condominiums (assets) and recruit tenants by creating rooms that will please them. After the tenants have moved in, we do our best to follow up their stay and help them to live a healthy life.
Business Planning Division
Planning and Development Department
We offer a "one-stop service" for real estate management. We propose to real estate owners who already have a need for a condominium with a home or a flat for rent, or we devise a land use plan that can solve your problems and concerns.
Business Planning Division
Planning and Development Department
YouMe Lady Office
We connect you with the company and help you to give shape to your "ideas". We will work with you to develop an effective land use plan that will solve your problems and concerns.
Environmental Division
This department is responsible for construction work. We bring all the workers together, manage the process and the budget, and ensure that there are no accidents.
Environmental Business Division
Management Promotion Office
In order to maintain the health and viability of the business, we are constantly developing new projects, engaging with all departments to drive their activities, and developing and implementing marketing and internet strategies.

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