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Reinforced Concrete apartment building
Secure management, safe space and stable income

This is a “condominium with home” where rental housing and the owner’s residence coexist in the same building or on the same site. We have built and managed many “Sainokuni Mouse”, a reinforced concrete condominium with a house, mainly in popular areas including “Omiya”, which is one of the top ranked cities to live in. This is the best option for those who want to continue to live in the city they are used to living in, make effective use of vacant land assets, rebuild their house or live a rich life although they do not have their own funds, live a safe and comfortable life or retirement, or want to make an amicable inheritance.


What is a 'Condo with home'?


A "Condo with a home" is a combination of a rental house and the owner's house in the same building or on the same site.

These houses are designed to generate rental income by planning to make the most of the site while maintaining the high quality of the owner’s living space. It is also possible to build a three-storey apartment building with a shop on the ground floor, a studio on the first floor and a home on the top floor.


The rental income from the rental part of the property can be used to repay the loan, so you can afford your own home without any personal funds and have a stable income for your retirement.

If you want to build a house to make the most of your land but don’t have the funds to do so, or if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by a mortgage, then a flat with a home is a great option. If you have a business plan that allows you to repay the loan with rent income, it will be easier to obtain a loan regardless of your income. Once the loan is repaid, the rent will become your monthly income and you will have peace of mind in retirement.


It can be used flexibly to suit the number of family members living with you and your changing lifestyle.

If you are planning to live with your children, you can bring them into the rented part of the house in the future. Alternatively, if the rented part of the house is a studio room, it can be used temporarily as a study room for children preparing for exams.


What we can do for you
Apartment with a house [Sainokuni Mouse]


We are based in Omiya, one of the top ranked cities to live in. We specialise in popular areas with high rental demand and thoroughly reduce the risk of vacant flats.

In order to successfully manage a condominium with a home, it is necessary to determine whether the proposed construction site is suitable for condominium management in order to reduce the risk of vacancies. The city of Saitama, where we specialise, has a high demand for rental properties, and Omiya is one of the most popular areas in Japan, ranking high on the list of most desirable places to live. The area is also home to the campus of Saitama University and is in high demand by students.


With "Sainokuni Mouse", a flat with a full-fledged reinforced concrete structure for your home, we offer you a robust disaster-proof housing, crime prevention measures and a quiet, peaceful and safe space.

In order to achieve both a comfortable life for the owner and a high level of satisfaction for the tenants, robust disaster-proof housing, crime prevention measures and a quiet, peaceful and safe space are essential. Our “Sainokuni Mouse” is a flat house with a full-fledged reinforced concrete structure. It protects tenants from natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and is ideal as a business asset as it is fireproof and durable (with a legal life of 47 years), allowing for generous repayments.


We aim to achieve "full occupancy at handover" by using "on-site model rooms" where the interior of a unit is completed ahead of time during construction.

All departments within the company aim to have all units fully occupied by the time of handover, so we start recruiting tenants from the early stages of construction. As part of this, we have created an on-site model room, where the interior of one of our units is completed ahead of time during the construction phase and opened to prospective tenants and partner real estate companies at an early stage so that they can see it first-hand. This is something that cannot be done by construction companies whose only job is to build.


We have a team of specialists in planning, sales, construction and management who work together as one team to support you in the future.

At the planning stage, we develop differentiated business plans and also provide additional services such as vacancy management, inheritance tax planning, family trust and genealogy. In terms of sales, we focus on achieving our clients’ goals and propose strategies for land use based on our knowledge and data analysis cultivated in Saitama City. At the construction stage, we provide high quality and reasonable RC buildings. We have a team of dedicated leasing staff in Saitama City to achieve full occupancy as soon as possible. After-sales service is also available. Our professional service team will take care of any repair work that needs to be done during the warranty period or even after the warranty period.


Saitama City
The right place to achieve your goals

Founded in 1987, the company has been working in Saitama City for 34 years.

The Maruyama Group was formed from three separate companies, Maruyama Komuso in Niigata Prefecture (founded in 1940), Maruyama Komuso in Kanagawa Prefecture and Saitama Maruyama Komuso. We are now in our 35th year of business.

New condominium share is number one in Omiya Station West Exit development area.

As of January 2020, the company has achieved the number one share of the market for rental apartments with a home in the area around Sakuragi-cho 1-chome, Omiya-ku (in the Omiya Station West Exit No. 4 Land Readjustment Project area). Approximately one in three new non-wooden condominiums in the area is constructed by Saitama Maruyama Koumusho.

We put the Owner first and achieve full occupancy as soon as possible. The actual occupancy rate is over 98%.

While the overall occupancy rate for properties in Omiya-ku and Sakura-ku in Saitama City is 74.1% and 85.1% respectively, the actual occupancy rate for properties managed by us in the same area is 98%. This is a testament to the high retention rate as well as the fact that we are able to fill vacant rooms as quickly as possible by commercialising them after the tenants have vacated.

We have built and managed a large number of condominiums in popular areas around Omiya Station and Saitama University.

Omiya is one of the most popular places to live in Japan, and we have built and are managing 15 condominiums in the Omiya Station area, the heart of the city. In addition, we have managed 20 condominiums with high occupancy rates in the area around Saitama University, which is in high demand for student rentals. This is proof that we are specialists in Saitama City.












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